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Energy Financing & Investing

Meeting the world’s energy finance needs takes expertise, capital and innovation. That’s why we are investing with a long-term view, globally across the capital and energy spectrum. We’ve committed approximately $16 billion for energy assets, diversifying across renewable energy, thermal power, oil and gas reserves and infrastructure and offer structured, common and second and third stage equity and debt.

Energy Finance

Energy finance recognizes the importance of sustainable forces in all African continents and the role of the private sector, in the form of independent energy producers (IPP), in African forces.
Thus, we have funded the electricity project and the prominent participants in the landing power transaction throughout the continent for the past two decades. Our sector specialist team focuses on financial energy loans that are responsible for starting, implementing, and managing transactions, including providing:
Financial project
Acquisition finances Embedded energy (company and industrial deviations
Credit Letters and Working Capital Facilities
Structured financial products and
Funding for the distribution of preferences to support equity investment.
As part of the focus of our electricity sector, we are also committed to funding and supporting the entire value chain, from developers of electrical infrastructure to contractors and providers of original equipment.

Benefits of Energy Finance

Develop an understanding of how to model and estimate energy and progress/futures prices by placing the energy market in the context of the global financial market and analyzing their subsequent reaction.

Understand the International Financial Market

Learn different derivative products and learn how to apply them in the energy market Measuring the uncertainty of the market of equity, credit, and commodity Use the financial model to analyze and estimate the price of energy and volatility Understand the risks and returns from time-term contracts and options on energy commodities Apply option and assessment techniques to the energy market Understand and use derivative products to reduce the risk of energy prices Utilize the fundamental option theory to appreciate energy assets Use information from the price of futures/options to determine optimal production decisions and time for extraction

Equity investment to support energy projects.

Top Asia Finance Limited allows projects that promise appropriate returns for Siemens and its investors through its equity energy finance in terms of project risk profiles. The project risk profile is determined by market risk and specific projects, such as construction and operation risk.
Top Asia Finance Limited usually orders equity capital to focus on projects that directly utilize Siemens equipment and services and generally takes minority interest in a project, investing in the project development and financial closure.
We refer to an overall track record in equity investment to originate, compile, and carry out successful investments in the energy market, emphasizing superior returns and coin investors.

Debt solutions to the energy sector

Top Asia Finance Limited debt solutions range from company loans guaranteed senior and structured investment energy finance (such as rent and loans) to infrastructure and project financing. In addition, our portfolio includes the acquisition and financing of growth, usually as a syndicated loan. We support the needs of private equity and corporate clients and strategic objectives through senior loans guaranteed tailored to all business cycles. We have the power to compile, guarantee, and hold a significant position.


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